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So glad you stopped by! Welcome to a lovely place to land for the Pilates enthusiast, the Pilates curious, and adventurers ready to claim their full movement potential. 

I teach Pilates & biomechanics-based fitness, hormone balancing breathwork, and nervous system toning in the Studio and online via Zoom. For the horse lovers among us, I include time at the barn to revel in the power of the horse & human connection as a bridge to deeply trusting your body & reconnecting to your vitality. For the most part, my clients are people rebuilding their strength & range of motion in their life after breast cancer, Pilates-addicted movers, and horse & rider teams looking for a better way to move together in a genuine, pain-free partnership.   

Everybody trains twice a week, minimum. Members can work out in the Studio, at home via Zoom, or build strength in the fresh Alpine air with the horses. Quite a few do all three. As a result, we are a community exceeding our fitness goals, moving beyond our previous expectations of strength and health, and laughing... a lot. 

If this sounds like your personal version of movement bliss, let's connect. Book a free, 30-minute Discovery Call below to explore if Kate Cede Pilates is the right place for your movement story to unfold.

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Our Philosophy

Welcome to Kate Cede Pilates. You are invited to explore and exceed your current expectations of moving freely, building strength, and connecting deeply with your body to perform better in your sport, laugh & love with your people, and enjoy your life. Come as you are, there is no preparation necessary. If you are looking for transformation, there are two tenets under which the training program operates.

#1  You are already good enough as you are, right now. That's right, thank your body. It has gotten you this far.

#2  If you decide to ask more of your body, your body will need time & care to rise to new demands. 

Therefore, everyone trains twice a week, minimum, with an emphasis on effective self-care and understanding how your biomechanics are designed to keep you doing what you love to do for a very long time.  Leave any preconceived notions of how you are supposed to look or perform or feel at the door. We will be building on what YOU already have because what you have has tremendous value.

You are invited to train in the Studio, Online, or both. For the horse enthusiasts among us, you can work out in the fresh Alpine air with the horses in addition to your Studio/Online time. We love to have visitors from afar and are happy to discuss intensive training packages to accommodate your travels or team-building retreats.


In addition to the Pilates Coaching program, Kate Cede Pilates is very happy to introduce The Pegasus Program: Strong after breast cancer. Join us in a program grounded on the healing nature of the horse & human connection, fresh air, and good times messing around with the herd while getting strong.


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